Volkswagen Transporter Accessories

by | Oct 20, 2023

Not only is the VW Transporter the best-selling van in history, but it’s also been in production longer than any other van.  This ever-popular vehicle has been manufactured since 1950, and Volkswagen have sold a whopping 12 million plus!

With this in mind, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular vehicles in our workshop!  Whilst we no longer see many of the classics, we have a stream of T4, T5, T5.1, T6, T6.1 and most recently, T7 models coming to us for a range of accessories.

What Volkswagen Transporter accessories do you offer?

Popular accessories include cruise control, towbars, reversing cameras, parking sensors, solar panels, split charge systems, dash cameras and additional security such as the popular Ghost immobiliser and tracking systems.

However, the most popular enquiry of all is for audio upgrades – both replacement head units and sound upgrades too. Whilst the van itself looks great, the standard radios are generally poor and lack the modern technology that people now want in their vehicles, whether it is a camper, day van or work vehicle.  We know these vehicles inside out meaning we know their quirks and the best solutions!

What do you need to know to give me prices?

When you contact us for prices, we will ask you to confirm a range of details about the vehicle so we can work out the best options for you.  These questions will include things like:

+ Vehicle registration number

+ Do you want built-in navigation or are you happy to use apps such as Google Maps through CarPlay or Android Auto?

+ Does your vehicle have parking sensors? Are they optical (show a picture on the radio screen) or just audible (beeping only)?

+ Do you have a reversing camera or do you want to add a reversing camera?

+ Is your vehicle a camper?

This information allows us to include correct fitting parts in the quotes to ensure all existing vehicle functionality is retained.  If you’re not sure on any of the questions we ask, we are always on hand to help either over the phone or in store.

What head units do you recommend?

The T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1 are all popular for head unit / CarPlay / Android Auto upgrades and we offer a range of replacement head units from Pioneer, Sony and Alpine.  Any double DIN (also called 2-DIN) unit can be fitted, but we highly recommend the ‘floating’ units such as the Alpine Halo or Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB.  Due to the sloping angle of the Transporter dashboard, these units sit proud of the dash and are angled against the glare of the sun which can be an issue with flush fitted double DIN units.

T6.1 fitted with Alpine Halo 11″ ‘floating’ unit

If you prefer the look of a ‘flush-fitted’ unit, Alpine also make an 8” in-dash unit (X803D-T6R) specifically for the T5.1 & T6.  This sits inside the original radio aperture but has a shroud to protect against the glare.

How would you upgrade the speakers in my car?

Again, this is a popular question – we’re all used to good sound in our homes, and even our headphones, so it’s more obvious when it’s missing from our leisure vehicle!

The T5, T5.1 & T6 all come factory fitted with 17cm speakers in the front doors, but they are paper thin and poor quality (sorry VW!).  Luckily, these can be removed and a decent set of 20cm component speakers fitted in their place!  This would be the starting point for a sound upgrade – further steps include adding rear speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers, if you feel this is required.

Another quirk of the Transporter van is that they are common for water ingress inside the door cards which causes speakers to deteriorate over time. Luckily we have a solutions for this to protect your new speakers from getting damaged – we recommend investing in a set of speaker baffles (or ‘wellies’ as one of our team has affectionally named them!).  These are basically rubber rings which are fitted around the speaker to create a flexible seal around the back of the speakers, protecting them from water that gets inside doors and interior panels.  Additionally, the baffles provide a barrier, stopping interference between sound from the front and rear of the speakers having a negative effect on sound quality.

Shows new 20cm speaker with baffle fitted, next to original VW speaker

Does it matter if my Transporter is a camper conversion?

No! We work on all models.  We will ask if your vehicle is a camper or trimmed out day van for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if we fit a new radio, we recommend a ‘leisure switch’ which allows you to use the radio without the keys in the ignition – great for camping trips (and security!)!

Secondly, certain products will take longer to fit if the vehicle is a camper, for example, running wiring for reversing cameras and towbars.

What do I do now?

If you’re looking to upgrade your Transporter, please contact us and one of our team can advise the best options for your vehicle and requirements.  All our quotes are obviously no-obligation, and we have lots of products to show you in store, so why not pop in for a chat?


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