Fitting a towbar to my vehicle

by | Apr 23, 2024

Fitting a towbar to my vehicle safely

Motor Mods have been installing towbars for nearly 40 years and things have changed a lot in that time!

Over the past few decades, both cars and towing conditions have undergone significant changes. In the 1980s, cars were simpler in terms of their technology and design compared to today’s vehicles. They had fewer electronic components and were generally easier to work on.

Additionally, towing conditions in the 1980s were different due to the overall traffic volume and speed limits. With fewer cars on the road and slower speeds, towing might have been perceived as less challenging or demanding compared to today’s congested highways and higher speed limits.

We often get asked ‘why is it so expensive to fit a towbar now?’

If you haven’t had a towbar fitted in a number of years, you may well be shocked by the price!  Let’s break down the reasons for the increased cost:

Raw Material Costs: The cost of steel, which is a primary material used in manufacturing towbars, has increased over the years. This inflation in raw material prices directly impacts the overall cost of towbars.

Vehicle Specific Electrics: Modern cars are equipped with advanced electronic systems, and integrating a towbar requires specialised vehicle-specific wiring kits. Unlike older vehicles where splicing into rear lights sufficed, modern cars need more intricate electrical connections, adding to the cost.

Complex Installation Process: Fitting a towbar to modern vehicles involves a more complex installation process. Unlike older cars, where installation was relatively straightforward, modern vehicles often require significant disassembly, including removing bumpers and interior trims to run wiring properly. This labour-intensive process contributes significantly to the overall cost.

Coding Requirements: After the towbar installation is complete, many modern vehicles require coding to ensure proper integration with the car’s electronic systems. This step is essential for functionalities like trailer stability control and parking assist systems to work correctly.

Considering these factors, the increased cost of fitting a towbar in modern cars is justified by the complexity of the process and the need for specialised equipment and expertise to ensure safety and proper functionality. While the price may seem high compared to the past, it reflects the advancements in automotive technology and safety standards.

As the towbar experts in Gloucestershire, we can advise on the most suitable towbar and electrics for your vehicle, whether it’s a car, motorhome, camper van or commercial vehicle.  We work with all major towing brands including Witter, Westfalia, Tow Trust, Oris, Memo and Brink to ensure we can source the best product for your vehicle.

What do we need to know to quote for fitting a towbar to your vehicle?

+ Consider whether you would prefer a fixed, detachable or retractable towbar?
+ What will you be towing with your towbar – a caravan? Trailer? Bike carrier?

I want a cheaper option, can I fit a towbar to my car myself?

While fitting a towbar yourself is possible for some people with mechanical skills and the right tools, it’s essential to consider several factors before attempting it:

Skill Level: Installing a towbar requires a certain level of mechanical aptitude and understanding of automotive systems. If you’re not comfortable working with tools or performing DIY car modifications, it’s best to leave it to professionals.

Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure that the towbar you purchase is compatible with your specific make and model of the car. Different vehicles may have different mounting points and electrical requirements, so it’s crucial to choose the right towbar kit.

Electrical Wiring: Modern vehicles often require sophisticated electrical connections for towbar installation. If you’re not familiar with automotive wiring or don’t have the necessary tools, it’s best to have a professional handle this part to avoid damaging your car’s electrical system.

Safety Considerations: Properly installing a towbar involves more than just bolting it onto your car. It requires ensuring that the towbar is securely attached, that the wiring is correctly connected, and that the installation meets safety standards. Improperly installed towbars can pose a safety risk to you and other road users.

If you’re confident in your abilities and willing to invest the time and effort to research and properly install the towbar, it may be possible to save money by doing it yourself. However, if you’re unsure or concerned about safety and legality, it’s best to seek professional assistance. Saving money in the short term isn’t worth risking your safety or the integrity of your vehicle.

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