“I have used motormods for the past 20 years and this has been in a professional capacity where by they were suppliers of fitting equipment to my customers of multi-million pound businesses which consisted of local business and local authorities. During this period of time or working with the team of Alistair his daughter and his fitters and associated team members I received nothing but fantastic service but when things went occasionally wrong which they do the team were there to support instantly the rectification of any problems that occurred which is important to a business and me and my customers were appreciated of the ratification required. On a personal basis I have now left the industry and I have had equipment fitted to my own personal vehicles (as my farther has) I can highly recommend the team Alistair and his associated management staff to the fitting of equipment because they are polite courteous and always have the best customers interest at heart but what is more appreciated is that they have the customers best interest at heart and that is all they think about. This is a family company with a national approach and you can’t get a more personal approach with a feeling of being cared for on a national division so I have no hesitation in recommending this company.”

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