Towbar installations for cars, commercial vehicles and motorhomes

The growing need for versatility of the car has led to an increasing demand for towbars. They increase the efficiency of day-to-day work and also offer many benefits for leisure activities. Whether towing a horsebox, caravan or boat, transporting bicycles or using a trailer, we have the towbar for the job.

As a company, we specialise in OE (Original Equipment) accessories meaning that you keep your car as standard as possible.

As agents for Westfalia, Thule Brink, Bosal and Witter towbars, we are able to offer the factory towbar and electric solution for most vehicles and our latest diagnostic equipment ensures the work is completed to dealership standard, for a fraction of the cost.

We also offer retro-fitted towbars for all vehicles homologated for towing, and our own electric solution for both single and twin electrics.

Please contact us with your vehicle details and specific requirements and we can advise on the best towbar and electric solution for you and your load!

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Detachable towbars

detachable towbars fittedCar manufacturers invest heavily in the design of their cars. A fixed towbar can be seen to upset the symmetry of the car’s original design. Detachable towbars can easily be removed when not needed, leaving the line of the car as the designer intended. The detachable towbar also has practical advantages – it doesn’t obscure low mounted number plates or catch on clothing when not in use.

Detachable systems vary very slightly, depending upon the manufacturer but in essence, to use it, the removable tow-ball neck is inserted into its housing from below and secured against theft by means of a lock. The neck is also easily removed and stored away in the supplied bag . The electric sockets rotate and are hidden behind the bumper meaning the towbar becomes completely invisible!

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to remove and reinstall the detachable neck.




Retractable Towbars

This is the newest type of towbar available for a number of vehicles. The retractable towbar is a clever alternative to the detachable system above. The ingenious swivel mechanism means that, at the pull of a handle, the towbar and electrics can be swiveled out of sight and under the bumper, yet remaining accesible at all times. The towbar is therefore always ready for use as the neck does not need to be removed from the car.

Although mainly manually operated at present, Westfalia currently offer an electrically operated swivelling system for the Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg.

thule retractable towbar

Fixed 'Flange' Towbar

The flange ball towbar is the most widely available towbar. It is the most suitable towbar for heavy-duty towing and is therefore recommended for commercial and off-road vehicles. The design can vary from a two- to a four-hole fixing (height adjustable) depending on the car type.

This type of fixing allows you to tow and carry cycles at the same time, fit bumper shields, AL-KO towballs, towing couplings and a range of other accessories.

witter fixed flange towbars

Fixed Swan Neck Towbar

The permanently attached model is generally the lowest-priced towbar and is available for the majority of vehicles. This is the least flexible design as fewer accessories can be used. Cycle carriers are available for this type of bar but you cannot tow at the same time. The high quality finish ensures the towbar will last throughout a long and demanding lifetime.

The swan neck system is compatible with AL-KO stabilisers and is less likely to trigger reversing sensors. However, it cannot be fitted with a bumper shield.

swan neck towbar

Electrical Sets

We recommend installing dedicated towbar elecrics kits due the increasing complexity of vehicle electronic systems. These vehicle specific systems interface and communicate directly with the vehicle's management systems. This enables the manufacturer's towing safety features (i.e Trailer Stability Program or TSP), now present in todays modern motor vehicle to function. A wide range of 7 & 13 pin kits are available and dignostic coding is also completed.

By-pass electrics are also available but are not recommended for later vehicles with complex electronic systems are the towing electrics are hidden from the car meaning the vehicle does not know it is towing.

Since the early 2000's, automotive technology introduced network systems in vehicles which enabled the detection of a trailer. Enhanced features within these networks make it vitally important for the vehicle to recognise that it is towing, including some important safety and stability features. These are some of the related towing systems, in certain vehicles, which need to see the electrics:

> brake electronics
> suspension systems
> engine electronics
> engine cooling systems
> cruise control
> parking aids
> reversing camera
> lane change assistant

Each of the above systems are affected in a different way when a trailer is detected. Vital systems such as engine cooling and brake electronics will function and react differently and TSP (Trailer Stability Program) is being added to more vehicles to help correct the snaking action of a trailer. The latest technology is now being applied to roofbars! The new Audi Q5 is able to determine when roof bars are fitted and will alter the vehicles centre of gravity when a load is applied! The esp braking system will then also be altered!

Please contact us for further information on the type of electrics required for your vehicle. Please be aware that a towbar is the most important accessory you can purchase in terms of safety and such a specialised installation should only be completed by specialist installers with correct tools and diagnostics....never DIY!

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