Retrofit car and commercial sunroofs

Open up your car to life.....what could be nicer than feeling the sun on your skin, breathing fresh air and enjoying the feeling of freedom whilst travelling in your car? With a Webasto roof system, you can experience every ride using all your senses.

Webasto offer a range of quality and reliable products to enhance your vehicle. Motor Mods have been Webasto agents for over 30 years so you can trust that our sunroof installs will be second to none. Here are a few examples of recent installs:


The benefits of installing a sunroof include:

1. Light makes you feel better.
More light puts the driver and passengers in a much better mood and turns even long journeys into a pleasant open-air trip.
2. Fresh air keeps you fit.
While the air-conditioning system only keeps you cool and open windows cause unpleasant draughts, a sliding roof ensures a pleasant ventilation with fresh air. This increases the concentration and thus driving safety.
3. Freedom on board.
Experience a whole new world of driving with a Webasto roof system. Look forward to fresh air and a breathtaking outlook at the same time.
4. It closes itself!
The Webasto auto-close system automatically closes the roof when you park your car, thus protecting it from rain.
5. Extra safe anti-trap function.
The Webasto auto-retract system prevents the roof from closing if there is an obstruction. This makes crushing impossible.
6. Protection against radiation.
The tinted protective Venus® glass lets light into the vehicle but keeps out harmful UV radiation. This lets just enough warmth into the car that is needed for a pleasant climate.
7. Easy operation.
The easy handling of the controls for any Webasto roof system ensures maximum comfort. The optional rain sensor, for example, closes the roof automatically with the first drop of rain.
8. Quality with warranty.
Webasto roof systems stand for TÜV tested quality. The stability under even extreme loads is proven by internal fatigue tests and of course a three year warranty.
9. Quality fitted by experts.
Product quality takes top priority at Webasto – as does the professional installation by exclusively trained and certified partners.
10. Webasto is world class.
Over five million Webasto roof systems are fitted ex works every year. This popularity makes Webasto the no. 1 in the OEM sliding roofs sector.

Sunroofs are available for most makes and models. Please contact us with your vehicle make, model and year of manufacture and one of our sales team will be able to inform you which roofs are suitable for your vehicle.

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View the Webasto aftermarket sunroof brochure by clicking on the image on the left.





Sunroof models:

webasto 100 pop up sunroofHollandia 100: pop-up sunroof

The Hollandia 100 opens up fresh air comfort at an affordable price. The classic pop-up roof convinces with its modern design and technical finesse: the pane of glass can be completely removed. It offers protective Venus® glass against UV radiation and solar heat and a folding handle for individual open settings.



webasto 300 spoiler sunroofHollandia 300: electric tilt and slide sunroof

Its attractive looks and versatility have made the Hollandia 300 spoiler roof one of Webasto's most popular sliding roofs. The Hollandia 300 is even suitable for cars with arched roofs since the glass roof simply slides over the car roof. The spoiler helps minimise draughts.

This roof offere protective Venus® glass to protect against UV radiation and solar heat, an auto-close system and auto-retract system (soft-touch operation) and two programmable opening settings.


Webasto H300 sunroofH300 new style electric tilt and slide sunroof

Webasto's new style tilt and slide roof available in Entry or Comfort spec.

Because of its innovative design, the Hollandia 300 provides an extremely large opening for even the smallest car or van, adding sporty styling and open air freedom. See how the spoiler with sporty style makes the sky come alive.

Hollandia 300 Entry (Electric) features:
> Opening / closing function
> Individually adjustable opening Positions
Hollandia 300 Comfort (Soft touch) features:
> Auto-Retract system
> Auto-Close system
> One-touch function for quick opening /closing
> LED lighting in white, blue, green and red

webasto 400 folding fabricHollandia 400 folding fabric sunroof

The Hollandia 400 gives you a real convertible feeling. The sporty folding roof is a real eye-catcher and can be opened at random: from a narrow slit to a fully open roof. The Hollandia 400 is individually adapted to the interior trim and is an optical highlight in any car.

> Convertible top material of durable vinyl, weather/UV-resistant
> Programmable opening setting (Deluxe model)
> Wind deflector for perfect aerodynamics
> Auto-retract system (Deluxe model)

webasto 700 factory sunroofHollandia 700 inbuilt sunroof

The elegant Hollandia 700 is ideally integrated into the roof liner so that you can't distinguish it from a factory-fitted roof. When closed, the tilt and slide roof harmonises perfectly with the car. When open, it disappears discreetly into the roof lining. The sunblind matches the inside of the car perfectly with its elegant design looks.

> Protective Venus® glass against UV radiation and solar heat
> Auto-close and auto-retract system
> Wind deflector for perfect aerodynamics
> Programmable opening settings

Sunroof repairs

sunroof resealAlong with our sunroof installations, we also offer a repair and reseal service for both factory fitted and aftermarket sunroofs. If your vehicle has a water leak, our technicians will remove the sunroof, replace the seals, flush the drain tubes and reseal. Repairs to leaking sunroofs carry a 12 month warranty and with over 35 years of sunroof installations, you can rest assured that we will carry out the work competently. This image shows a Renault Clio with a leaking sunroof in the process of being repaired.

And this is how long we have been installing sunroofs for - a photo of three Alfa's fitted with our sunroofs in 1979!

motor mods sunroofs 1970's

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