Reversing camera systems

For the last few years, reversing cameras have been one of our most popular installations. We offer a variety of parking camera systems and can recommend the best reversing camera for your vehicle, whether it be a car, motorhome or commercial vehicle.

Wherever possible we offer genuine camera retrofits along with aftermarket camera interfaces which means many of our reversing cameras are seamlessly integrated through the factory head unit. We also offer a range of monitors if your vehicle does not have a factory fitted navigation screen.

The products below are a few of our most popular camera installs. All photos shown are examples of our own installations. Much of our work is to brand new vehicles for car dealerships and we are very proud of our workmanship:

Genuine reversing camera installations.

Currently available for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and BMW models. In these installations the camera and wiring loom are genuine parts and all coding is included in the cost. The camera will automatically display on the radio screen when reverse gear is selected. Guide lines are avialable on many models. These offer much easier orientation due to the lines which are integrated into the video picture and change depending on the steering wheel angle.

The first images below shows a parking camera fitted to a Golf 7. This particular model has the camera hidden in the VW emblem - it simply pops out when reverse gear is selected!

golf mk7 rear camera emblem golf mk 7 rear camera screen audi a5 reversing camera

audi a3 genuine reversing camera audi a3 genuine reverse camera vw t6 reversing camera install

Aftermarket integrated camera systems.

These parking cameras work in a similar way to the genuine camera systems described above. If your vehicle has a factory navigation screen, the camera image will be displayed on this when reverse gear is selected. We stock a variety of cameras to suit every vehicle including wedge camera to sit above the numberplate, numberplate light cameras, bumper mount cameras, swivel cameras and many more.

Some examples are shown below. Vehicles shown include Mercedes A Class, Jaguar XF, Lexus CT and IS, Ford Kuga and Mercedes E Class. Most makes and models catered for.

rear camera mercedes rear camera jaguar xf rear camera lexus is ct

lexus wedge camera rear camera ford kuga reversing camera mercedes e class

Reversing camera with stand-alone screen.

This option is for vehicles which do not have a factory fitted screen that can be utilised for a rear camera. We offer a number of options for the display.

Option 1: Mirror Monitor

rear view mirror monitor

One of our most popular options is the rear view mirror monitor - it keeps your dash uncluttered.

Our smart Mirror is an OEM style replacement Rearview Mirror, with an integrated 4.3" (16:9) High Resolution Digital LCD Screen. This will act as a normal rear view mirror until the vehicle is placed in reverse, then a 4.3" screen will be displayed in the mirror allowing you to reverse safely.

Options include:

> 4.3" or 7" monitor (7" usually recommended for motorhomes)
> Single or twin 4.3" monitors for rear only or front and rear cameras
> Built in dash cam available to record your journeys
> Auto-dimming function available for single 4.3" monitor

mirror monitor reverse camera options

Option 2: Aftermarket head unit

Despite the shape of most modern dashboards, we can still install an aftermarket head unit such as a Pioneer or Alpine unit, to a surprising number of vehicles. Using a vehicle specific installation kit, we will remove your original radio and install a double DIN unit with an LCD touch-screen. These units offer a weath of additional features - options include navigation, DVD player, Apple Car Play, Bluetooth hands free and much more. See our navigation page for more information.

The images below show some example camera installs and an installation kit.

porsche 911 reversing camera rear camera bmw x5 head unit installation kit

Option 3: Flip up camera monitor

flip up camera monitor

This neat little dash mounted flip-up monitor has a 4.3" screen and is perfect for displaying the image from a rear view camera.






Option 4: 7" colour monitor with detachable sun shield

reversing camera dash screenPrimarily suited for motorhomes and commercial vehicles, this neat 7" monitor has a detachable sun shield and widescreen format. Options include: built in DVR recorder, up to 4 channel camera input.







The type of camera we install will depend on your vehicle. Some examples of our installations are shown below but for a quote on a camera system, please contact us with your vehicle details and requirements and we will recommend the best reversing camera for you.

rear camera mercedes sl500 golf 7 rear camera emblem camos motorhome rear camera

land rover defender towing camera land rover defender bespoke camera audi a5 genuine reversing camera twin reversing camera motorhome

sprinter reverse camera 360 degree camera fitted to new Tiguan bumper mounted camera fitted to Nissan Navara

We now offer a 360 degree camera system for maximum protection. Ideal for cars, commercial or plant vehicles.
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