Parking sensors (PDC) and reversing cameras are one of our most popular products. We supply and install a carefully selected range of products and will be able to recommend the best product to suit your vehicle.

Details on our most popular systems are listed below. For prices, please contact us with your vehicle details and requirements.


Rear Parking Sensors

All our parking sensors systems utilise ultrasonic technology. The eyes sense the proximity of an object up to approximately 1.5 meters away from the rear of the vehicle and compute the exact position of the object.

Our rear parking sensors are automatically activated when reverse gear is selected. An audible indication is given every time the sensors are selected to inform that that they are working.

Different audible indications are given depending on how close to the object your vehicle is. The further away the vehicle is, the slower the beep. The first warning zone begins at approx. 1.2 metres with a slow audible beep and becomes progressively quicker and shorter as the vehicle moves closer to an object. When the rapid audible warning beep changes to a constant tone, the vehicle is at a distance of approx 0.45 metres indicating that you should stop.

Our parking sensors can also be programmed to ignore fixed objects on the vehicle, including towbars, spare wheels and bike racks.

Parking sensors can be colour coded to match the vehicles bumper for seamless installation.

Parking Sensor Options:

standard parking sensors rearStandard Sensors:

Our standard sensors can be installed as a 2 or 4 sensor kit and are available in matt or gloss black, or colour coded to match the vehicle. These sensors are installed in a 19mm hole, with the visable diameter of the sensor head being 21.7mm. These are very neat sensors offering the following features;
> Full rear coverage of the vehicle
> 5-stage audible warning buzzer with the option of adding a visual display
> Heavy rain proof, all-weather design (-40°C>+80°C)
> Anti-false alarm patent
> Display can be added. Please see below.

rear flush parking sensorsFlush mount sensors:

For a superior manufacturer style finish, we now offer a totally flush mounted sensor system. Our flush mount sensors are installed as a 2 or 4 sensor kit and are colour coded to match the vehicle. These 17mm sensors sit in a 17mm hole with no overlap or protrude giving an OE finish.


flush parking sensor vw displayThis system can also offer visual display on VW, Seat and Skoda vehicles, simulating the functioning of the original VW Accessory and offering a visual display on the vehicles existing head unit.

Please click here to view more information on our flush mounted sensors for VW, Seat and Skoda vehicles.

As well as offering flush-fitted sensors to cars, we also offer a number of specialist sensors for fitment to vehicles such as motor homes, pick-ups, lorries and towed vehicles.

Please contact us for an installed price.

Front Parking Sensors

front parking sensors compassWe offer both standard and flush fitted parking sensors for the front (described above).

With front parking sensors, when first gear is selected and the brake is depressed, the sensors will activate for 8 seconds. If no obstruction is picked up by the eyes, the sensors will automatically switch off. If an obstruction is picked up, the sensors will remain activated and give the audible tones describe above. A switch is also fitted in a discreet location so the system can be over-ridden if necessary.front parking sensor switch

front parking sensors yeti flushSensors come as standard in black but can be colour coded to match you vehicle.

We also offer a range of visual displays for our front parking sensors as described below.


Please contact us for an installed price.

Parking Sensor Display Options

parking sensors mounted

Electronic Display with two LED bars made in car manufacturer OE style plastic housing.

The LED colours are relative to distance and there is an integral buzzer for audible signal.

The parking sensor display can be mounted in a variety of positions:

> Dashboard
> Rear parcel shelf
> Close to the rear view mirror (interior lamp)
> To the vehicle headlining

(We use a number of quality parking sensor manufacturers, do display may differ from the one pictured.)

OEM Optical Parking Sensors

vw optical parking sensor systemWe can retrofit the original Park Pilot system on the front and back of most Audi, Skoda, VW and Seat vehicles, including optical park system OPS.

The optical display is shown on the factory head unit screen (see example image). Depending upon closeness of the obstacle the respective range changes optically with the well-known acoustic support.

genuine front parking sensors golf 7After installation we code the system using specialist diagnostic software. Sensors can be painted in the colour of the car.

Reversing Camera Systems

We offer reversing camera systems for many vehicles including cars, LCV's, HGV's, caravans and motorhomes. There are many different camera and monitor systems available, depending upon the application. It is also possible to integrate with existing factory head units in many vehicles.

Please visit our reversing camera page for further information on these products.

golf mk 7 reversing camera golf mk 7 rear camera emblem

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