Drive record cameras, also known as DVR cameras, witness cameras or dash cams, are fast becoming one of our most requested products with drivers keen to protect themselves from fraudulent insurance claims on our roads.

Our products provide fleet managers, haulage firms and private individuals with the appropriate tools to demonstrate safer driving and complete protection against the ever increasing threat from 'Crash for Cash', false/exaggerated whiplash, lack of witnesses and conflicting reports of actual events.

A dash camera can also significantly benefit companies by improving driver behaviour, which in turn, saves the business money by reducing fuel costs and the potential risk of accidents, therefore reducing insurance costs. Should an incident occur the camera provides a neutral version of events, before, during and after an accident/incident showing court admissible evidence.

There are an astonishing number of these cameras on the market, however, with 37 years in business to protect, we have hand picked a small selection of cameras which will offer the quality of recordings required for evidence. We also offer a hard-wire installation service so you don't have any nasty trailing wires.

Option 1: The Silent Witness SW010

silent witness drive record cameraThe Silent Witness SW010 is our most popular forward facing dvr camera. It has a small and unobtrusive design, usually mounted out of sight behind the rear view mirror.

Features include: 

- Full HD
- Continuous Recording
- 140 Wide Angle
- Software to view google journey map and driving statistics including route, speed, date etc. (click on image on left to enlarge).
- G-sensor collision crash file; storing a small file that records a 20 second audio and video recording of 10 seconds before and after the incident.

incar dvr camera footage - Will Take up to a 32GB Card
- Parking Mode
- High end 1080p video processor
- Plug and Play through 12v socket or professional hardwire so no wires are visible
- Sharp day time images and unrivalled low light ability
- HDMI Lead Included


We have these cameras fitted to our mobile fitting units. The footage below is from one of our vans travelling back to our premises - you can see just how clear the footage is, why not try pausing it to see just how clear the number plates are!


Please click here to download pdf data sheet.

This camera is one of our best sellers and has recently been shown on BBC Breakfast:


Option 2: Blackvue dr650gw-2ch front and rear drive record camera

blackvue dr650gwBlackvue DR650GW-2CH IR is a reliable and ideal dual channel car Dashcam for motorists who want to record driving scenes from both front and rear windows. The main camera, mounted on the front windscreen, captures the entire road ahead. The rear camera, attached on the rear window, records what is behind you meaning you are fully protected in the even of an incident.

The two cameras are connected by a high-quality coaxial cable for minimising signal noise, Front Full HD and rear IR HD cameras catch detailed footage of driving and never miss a moment of what is going on in and around your vehicle.

The Blackvue DR650GW-2CH offers 3 recording options (Normal, Event and Parking mode).The Blackvue app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 allows users to play live or recorded Blackvue videos via a smartphone or tablet PC via Wi-Fi connection.

The DR650GW-2CH IR car camera is perfect for proof of your case in a unfortunate event of an accident , protection of your valuable property and record of scenic drives.

Click here to download the user instructions for the Blackvue DR650gw system.

Option 3: DriveSmart Elite GPS DVR & radar detector

drivesmart elite dvrNew from the makers of Laser Elite comes the NEW Drive Smart Elite Witness Camera System.

This unit is a "World First". It combines a GPS Speed Camera Database with Real time Laser and Radar detection and includes a lifetime subscription for updates. Along with the built in forward facing drive record camera, this is the perfect way to protect your licence.



Features Include:

> Organic OLED Colour HD Screen
> GPS Location database for all fixed Speed Cameras with additional Radar (K/KA/KU/X bands) and Laser protection
> Includes Temporary Roadwork Cameras
> Average speed is displayed real-time between cameras
> Both audio and visual warnings for all Hazards
> Over-speed Warning (adjustable)
> Red light cameras warnings
> Mobile camera warning via Laser Detector
> 120 Degree camera lens G Shock detection - three axis
> True 1080p HD playback @ 30 FPS
> Video playback compatible with Google maps ( all software included)
> 12v/24v Compatible


> 2 x Ultra low profile windscreen mounts allows mounting in a second vehicle
> 1 X Extra long power cable
> 1 X Pro install hard wire adapter (the power cable must not be cut)
> 1 x Drive Smart Elite
> 1 x 32GB SD Card 

Option 4: SMART MIRROR with integrated 2 channel drive recorder & 4.3" LCD Rear View Camera input

dvr mirror monitorOur new Smart Mirror DVR System provides a very elegant solution for people requiring both front and rear video recording. There's a front facing camera built in, and a video input to add a rear camera to record events whilst driving. The system can also be used for a selectable time period when the car is left for up to 48 hours with battery safe mode.

Technical Specifications:

> Automatic Record
> 140° Viewing Angle.
> G Sensor
> 4.3" LCD for Rear View Camera display with adjustable guide lines.
> Various mounts available to suit different makes a models
> Record, Mute, Power & Brightness Buttons on Mirror and in addition slim remote control for additional programming functions.

Please click here to view user instructions.

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