Blind spot monitor retrofit


blind spot areaWhat is a blind spot?

The definition of a blind spot as it relates to driver safety is the area around the vehicle that can’t be directly observed by the driver as he or she is behind the wheel. These areas cannot be seen while looking forward, looking through the side mirrors, or through the rear-view mirror. Your blind spot is outside of your field of vision when driving, off to the side and closer to the rear of your vehicle. This is much easier to explain through a visual than through words alone, so take a look at the illustration below to get a clearer picture of where the blind spot is.


Why do I need a blind spot monitor?

Unfortunately, side blind spots are a common cause of accidents. Many modern vehicles come equipped with what’s called “active blind spot monitoring” that uses sensors to let the driver know when there’s another car in their blind spot. These monitoring systems usually use an electronic detection device mounted on the side of your car. If there’s a vehicle coming up into your blind spot, the sensor will warn you with a flashing light in the side-view mirror or elsewhere in your peripheral vision. It may also make a warning sound, or use both a flashing light and sound warning at the same time.

Can this be fitted to my car?

Yes! There is now an aftermarket blind spot monitoring system which can be retro-fitted to most vehicles.  Triggered by your turn signals (indicators), advanced microwave radar technology identifies moving objects (such as cars), in your side blind spots. With extreme accuracy, you are able to avoid potential accidents with the system's visual and audible alert. The visual alert is located within the vehicle, easily seen within the line of sight of the side view mirrors.


+ Accurate & Responsive Microwave Sensors that have fewer false starts than earlier ultrasonic sensors
+ Audible & Visual Alerts
+ Flush mounted LED indicators, not self-adhesive like the competition
+ Simple installation, no drilling holes into bumper. Installs on the left and right inner corners of rear bumper. + Can be used in conjunction with most rear sensors
+ Universal for Cars and SUVs (not to be used with metal bumpers)
+ Detects vehicles in your blind-spot up to a range of 15m/50ft
+ IP67 rated, reliable in any weather conditions

What’s included?

2 Sensors
2 LED Indicators
Power Harness
Control Module
Speaker with volume control
Hole Saw
Wiring harness

How do you fit the system?

The blind spot monitoring system can be fitted in around 2-3 hours, depending on the vehicle.  The rear bumper is removed and the microwave sensors are placed either side.  The small LED indicators are neatly fitted to the A pillars, the buzzer is mounted and the wiring is run.  None of the installation components are visible once installation is complete, apart from the LED indicators.

Installation photos shown in Lexus RX 2017. Click on the image to enlarge.

Microwave sensor being installed inside bumper:

blind spot microwave

Blind spot indicator LED's shown on A pillar both off and with warning on:

blind spot indicator driver off blind spot indicator driver on

Blind spot indicator LED's shown on drivers side:

blind spot indicator passenger off blind spot indicator passenger on

The legal bit.

EchoMaster® is strictly a driver assistance device, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for safe driving practices. Use common sense when driving and always follow recommended safe driving guidelines from your local state and county Department of Motor Vehicles. To help prevent accidents, always use caution, looking visually to ensure your path is clear. The owner shall not be entitled to recover from EchoMaster, its successors or assignees, incidental and consequential damages, such as personal injury, loss of income, loss of time, loss of profits, loss of vehicle use or property damage.

Note: This microwave blind spot detection system may cause radar detectors to alarm under certain circumstances.

We also offer genuine blind spot protection for certain Volkswagen and Audi models.

Please contact us with your vehicle details for a quotation.

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