This is the Latest Programming Tool for OBD ECU & TCU Tuning.

The ECU Autoflash has been developed to work with all automatic, tiptronic, DSG and paddleshift cars offering 50% faster gear changing along with speed limiter removal if applicable. This is the only engine and gearbox tuning solution available for modern cars and greatly increases the performace and driveability of automatic geared vehicles.

The AutoFlash uses a 64 bit processor for ultra fast programming of your controller, which enables both engine and gearbox tuning to take place in under 3 minutes, unlike any other tuning tool available. This provides increased engine power and 50% faster gear shifting along with speed limiter removal where applicable.

Benefits include:

> 50% faster gear changing
> Speed limiter removal
> Increased torque
> Plug and Play
> Undetectable by dealer software
> Easily re-loaded if wiped during service
> Bypasses anti-tune, clock counters, file size & flash errors


This product is set to change the tuning industry, allowing the end user to program the vehicle through the vehicle diagnostic port (OBD) in less than 3 minutes without having any PC, laptop or internet connection. You don't need to read out or send any information to us, everything is stored in the sealed control unit.

The AutoFlash is simple to use and comes with full instructions. No skill is required. Simply plug in, wait for the programming to complete which is indicated by an audible noise and LED light then remove, this unit does not need to remain connected to the vehicle. Once loaded, the unit locks itself to your vehicle VIN/Chassis number and will only work on that vehicle, however, it can be used as many times as needed for instance if the vehicle has its software updated by the dealer you can simply plug in and download the maps again.

The ECU AutoFlash has been introduced after years of research and development into a new tool to program existing vehicles and future anti tuning vehicles through the OBD port, creating a simple easy to use system to increase the performance and drivability of any automatic geared vehicle. AutoFlash will work on all auto, tiptronic, DSG and paddle shift cars including supercars such as Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini and luxury cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley but will also give superb results on normal production cars such as VAG Group, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes and Nissan.

editorial autoflash vw driver June 2014





To read our write up in the Volkswagen Driver magazine (June 2014), please click on the image.






autoflash vw driver jan 2015



To read our write up in Volkswagen Driver magazine in January 2015, please click on the image.







The ECU Autoflash works in perfect harmony with one of our tuning boxes for maximum power. The image below shows a tuning box and Autoflash on a Fabia VRS 180 TSI, now a whopping 220bhp!

skoda vrs ecu autoflash tune

Customer Reviews:

John Bennett (18th November 2014) 2007 2.0TDi VW Caddy
"Yes, good thanks, you can certainly notice a difference, you wouldn't know it was changing up or down unless you looked at the dash."

Jeffrey Deane (7th May 2014) 2012 Golf 6 Estate 1.4TSi

Michael Warland (17th December 2014) VW T5 2.5 130bhp
"Hi Alistair I found the drive back in my T5 yesterday amazing. Having the auto gearbox remapped has improved the performance so much its like a new vehicle. The gear change is now so smooth and torque just pulls all the way through the gears thank you its better than new."

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