Target Blu Eye Emergency Services Detector

It is estimated that on a yearly basis, hundreds of thousands of accidents occur between emergency vehicles and other road users in Europe. These accidents lead to thousands of casualties, fatal accidents and huge amounts of material damage and personal injuries.

The brand new Target Blu Eye is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you of approaching emergency vehicles including police cars (marked and unmarked), police motorcycles, ambulances and fire engines. Target Blu Eye will even detect these emergency vehicle if such a vehicle is not using it’s siren and flashing lights. Thanks to Target Blu Eye you will be warned by an audible and visual alert.

Target Blu Eye is based on TETRA Technology that is widely used for the communication between different emergency services in most of Europe. Thanks to this highly advanced technology, Target Blu Eye is able to warn you in time for approaching emergency vehicles.

target blu eye unit

What are the Benefits of Target Blu Eye?

> Warns you in time for approaching emergency services including marked and unmarked police cars ambulances and fire engines
> Prevents unpredictable and dangerous manoeuvres
> Increases your own safety, the safety of other road users and the emergency services
> Prevents accidents and personal injuries
> Allows emergency vehicles a clearer road for a faster response time
> Indicates if an emergency vehicle is approaching/traveling away from you
> Makes driving more relaxed and comfortable
> Very easy to use
> Two years warranty

What is included with Target Blu Eye?

The Target Blu Eye, consists of a central unit, a control display and an external antenna. The system is based on TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) technology. If an emergency vehicle, for example a police car is nearby, you will be warned in time by an audible and visible alert. The signal strength meter on the control display allows you to see at the first glance if an emergency vehicle is approaching or traveling away from you. The detection range of Target Blu Eye varies from some hundred meters to about one kilometer. The range depends on the selected sensitive mode and the traffic situation.

We offer this as a fully fitted product. All wiring will be hidden during installation, the only visible components will be the neat display shown in the above image and a small external aerial.


Is Target Blu Eye Legal?

The use of Target Blu Eye is legal because the system is only informing the driver if an emergency vehicle is nearby. Moreover, Target Blu Eye does not differentiate between police cars, ambulances and fire engines. We emphasize that Target Blu Eye is not able to decode the radio messages broadcasted by the TETRA network, it is simply for detection of the emergency vehicles and their safety. Target Blu Eye does NOT interrupt the communication between emergency services or between emergency services and emergency rooms broadcasted by the TETRA network.

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