360 degree camera systems

The Synergy Smart Vision 360 CV is a state-of-the-art Parking Assistance System and AVM (Around-View Monitoring system). It can be fitted to most vehicles including cars, motorhomes, lorries, plant vehicles, commercial vehicles and buses.

This innovative system utilises four individual wide-angle cameras mounted around the vehicle. The images are then processed to provide a full 360° video on your infotainment system to form a bird's eye view. Five or Six different views are selectable through the control switch, some of which are automatically selected when the turn indicators or reverse gear is selected. 


- Default View on start-up - The 360° 'Bird's eye' view provides the driver with a complete view of the vehicle  surroundings, offering assistance when parking or manoeuvring in restricted spaces.
- The system automatically switches view when the car is placed in reverse gear, or when the turn indicators are used. 
- Smart Vision is especially useful when reversing into or out of parking spaces, as it offers the driver the top view combined with a wide angle rear view, to negotiate even the tightest of spaces. If required the driver can switch to a full screen view of the front or rear cameras using the control switch. 
- When the indicators are used, the system will project the left or right camera images onto the screen in addition to the top view, providing the driver with a perfect view of hazards in the blind spots, such as cyclists and other low objects which cannot be seen in the side mirrors. This will also prevent kerbing of wheels, which can be costly.
- The driver can manually engage full screen front or rear view, which provides a much wider camera image of the vehicle front/rear surroundings. This is very useful when visibility is restricted – for example at a junction with a hedge or wall blocking the view of the oncoming traffic, or reversing out onto a road, many accidents are caused this way, Smart Vision 360 will ‘see what you cant’ see’.

360 degree camera applications

Below are some photos from a recent installation / set up on a 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan. This was installed for a local car dealership who needed to deliver a stock car quickly but the customer required the 360° camera option.

360 degree camera setup 360 degree camera reverse image

360 degree camera display360 degree camera rear wide angle display

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Genuine 360° camera systems

We also offer genuine 360° camera systems for certain Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat vehicles, please contact us with your registration or VIN number and we can check if this is available for your vehicle. The video below shows a recent install in a 2014 Audi RS6. All genuine parts were used in this installation:



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